After a large and long renovation of the town center of Weston MA a town-wide celebration was held. As part of that Anna Thurber was invited to exhibit her work and the process to create it showcasing specimens from the flowering trees, shrubs, spring bulbs and perennials grown on the expansive town green. 
The Town of Weston has a brand-new downtown! After 7 years of study, planning, meetings, and work, the Town of Weston has completed an $18 million-dollar face-lift to improve the look, function, and safety of the center of Town.
New places to sit and gather, enhanced by new lighting, traffic-calming measures, crosswalks, and parking create an appealing and accessible business and cultural center. The wires and poles are gone, for a clean new look that lets the historic beauty of the refurbished Old Library (now the Weston Art & Innovation Center) and Josiah Smith Tavern shine as striking focal points and vibrant new centers of art and culture.

May 21, 2022