B o t a n i c a l s i n i c e

Anna Thurber
is an Artist
the flora of
New England

All around us,
every moment,
things are
Nothing ever
stays the same.

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By suspending botanical material in water and freezing it, I can capture outrageous explosions of color and explore the magical interplay between nature and the science of thermal dynamics. The resulting images, installations, and custom freezes are unique and capricious. They’re one of a kind — like the moments themselves.

My art — the art of frozen botanicals — captures the ever-changing, always unpredictable progress of time.

About Anna Thurber

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Getting the right piece of art for your home is an exciting challenge. Take a look at my living archive to find the right piece for your mood, space, or the botanical you love.

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What would you like to freeze?

The natural world is abundant with ornaments. Objects you've collected - a bird's nest, that heart shaped beach stone, a perfect handful of flame colored fall leaves, can be composed in ice and light AND transformed into a print for a gift or for your own walls. Contact me to explore the endless possibilities.

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Lifes Events

If you have a life event that you would like commemorated in ice, I can do that too.

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  • Spectrum Miami

    Michael Joseph worked his magic, we shipped, sawed, exhibited ice surrounded by my finished prints.

  • Boston International Fine Art Show

    This is a beautiful show put on by Fusco Four. Live Ice first time!

  • Art Santa Fe

    Redwood Media put on a great show. This opened some great doors for me on this artistic path of mine.


  • Art Expo New York - Photo Solo

    New York City~ Photo solo, a group of emerging photographers. How exciting to have been included. Other doors opened.

  • Showed and Sawed Ice with ArtBlend

    Possibly the most nerve wracking art experience I've had. Shipping enough finished ice pieces to Miami to saw them up, just didn't make great sense on the surface~ It was so worth it.

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