• Custom Pieces

    If you'd like to immortalize your mother's heirloom peonies, a precious bouquet from a friend's garden or that perfect fleeting rose from your own bed, my process will capture and expose the beauty of those specimens in ice, rendering them forever in an intense, unique light.

  • Event Memories

    Flowers from your life celebrations can keep memories alive in vivid fresh color - a frozen arrangement, a corsage, even flowers from religious events remind us of the day and those who shared it with us.

  • Education,Speaking, Collaboration

    I am energized by explaining and demonstrating my work process whether as a guest speaker or in more informal studio talks surrounded by my tools and materials. With a unique approach to botanicals such meetings will spark questions and entertaining conversation that can lead to...more questions. Book me for photography clubs, art classes, garden groups or any gathering interested in the intersection of art and nature. Additionally I am eager to explore the chance to work with other organizations, galleries and artists in order to investigate alternative means of visual expression together. Please get in touch if interested in a way might conspire to make something exciting and different.

  • Weddings

    In a category all their own, wedding flowers are truly evocative of the ceremony bringing families together and the celebrations that follow. I can freeze a bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, table arrangements, you name it for a permanent, striking memory.


Friday, March 18 – Sunday, March 20
Exhibition open to the public
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fiedler Field on the Charles River Esplanade


Commissioned by the Esplanade Association, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department oF Conservation & Recreation